tg165-tools: FLIR TG165 thermal camera firmware hacking tools

TG165 Tools: This repostiory contains tools for extending the functionality of the low-end FLIR TG165 thermal camera. With these tools, you can add alternate functionality to your TG165 without having to replace its original firmware.
* A simple utility ( and python module (tg165) that can pack and unpack FLIR Upgrade.bin firmware images.
* A simple utility ( that can be used to build firmware-upgrade files that contain multiple programs.
* A simple assembly bootstrap (boot_select) that allows you to select between multiple programs on device startup.
* A DFU “alternate-bootloader” (alt_bootloader) that allows you to upload custom programs via USB without distruping the main one. This should enable rapid development!
* An (example) firmware payload that allows you to dump the TG165’s FLIR-provided bootloader.

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