sample of queries to this blog

I host this blog on, so they manage the PHP-based code. 🙂 I am not good at PHP nor WordPress, as you can tell. The web UI to the blog shows me a subset of the queries that people use to query the blog. It might help give you a better idea of the readerbase of this blog to get an idea of the queries people are making. Here’s the top queries from the last month. The interesting ones are queries that have nothing to do with my posts. 🙂 BTW, it appears the Search widget of WordPress is lame, sorry about that.

intel innovation engine
download firmware copperheados
intel ptt txt
intel me security
svn udk2015
ivrs amd
open trust protocol
intel me
arm trusted firmware
intel boot guard
ru efi
trusted boot boot guard intel
exdi windbg intel
pointer authentication
uefi memory map
fwupd lenovo
radare2 dlink
uefi 5
sp 800 147
intel ptt
edk ii uefi
security dxe driver software
pci expansion rom
ios 10 security guide
acpi 6.1 spec
what is firmware security
windows smm security mitigation
coreboot bmc
smm mitigation
intel bootguard
arm v8 pointer authentication
uefi datahub protocol
microsoft + semm
efi game
verified boot uboot
u-boot secure boot
intel jtag
vsphere 6.5 secure boot
luander ribeiro
lava firmware
libvirt qemu kvm smm
rootkits and bootkits
invisible labs libreboot
bootkit efi
rowhammer puf
igd opregion
nx support wsmt acpi table
snapdragon 410 firmware
edk erst table error
isca iot
uefi specification version 2.6
megarac sp-x developer guide
fsp2.0 specification
firmware security
microsoft surface enterprise management
dell 7370 boot guard verified dxe
bios ru efi
deck linux
microsoft surface semm
motorola qualcomm firmware certificate
schumilo vusbf
chipsec fuzzer
intel sgx visual studio example
hardenedbsd uefi
lenovo hsti
“platform trust technology” linux
underwriter labs iot security
mallik bulusu
uboot fit
booting verification
canada s6 edge software update g925a
uefi version 2.5
http boot uefi
intel redfish
qualcomm snapdragon firmware
firmware rootkit broadcom
stateless laptop
hsti microsoft
yardstick security
dsdt editor
opc events security
meow by satoshi tanda
co to jest klucz intela ptt
qualcomm snapdragon update software
how to use binskim binary
usb cable tester d.i.y
uefi debugger amd
introspection openstack
intel ipt chip
zte w300 firmware reverse
“uefi” network stack what is
qubes install windows
nikolaj schlej
firmware gd25lq128 download
uefi gdb
firmware tcg 200t
ikgt intel
loading an elf in uefi
defcon 24 village talk jtag serial sip
radare2 manual efi
tpm grub
hsm luna g5 forum
intel firmware key rsa
protected audio video path (pavp)
srini devadas security
sgx s/mime
intel tpm 2.0 software stack
the intel tpm2 software stack
nvme malware
uefi 2.6 specifications
cybersecurity practice guide sp 1800-7, situational awareness for electric utilities public comments

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