OSR on debugging bad Windows drivers

OSR has a nice blog post that shows how to debug bad drivers. OSR is a smart group of Windows-centric driver consultants, check out their NT Insider newsletter if you’re into NT. And their NTdev mailing list.

[…]The bugcheck makes much more sense now. Someone’s stack expansion callback was called at DISPATCH_LEVEL (Arg2 == 2) and returned at PASSIVE_LEVEL (Arg1 == 0). That’s against the rules, thus you get a system crash. Personally I would call this a bug in KeExpandKernelStackAndCalloutEx seeing as how it is generating an IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE using invalid (unexpected?) arguments. At a minimum the documentation is currently wrong though and I have filed a bug to try to get that addressed.






Hmm, it looks like OSRonline.com is becoming ‘legacy’. If there’s not a future home for some of the tools listed there, you might want to grab a set of tools while you still can. The tools are somewhat like SysInternals-style of tools.


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