CHIPSEC gets UEFI variable fuzzer

The module is fuzzing UEFI Variable interface. The module is using UEFI SetVariable interface to write new UEFI variables to SPI flash NVRAM with randomized name/attributes/GUID/data/size. Note: this module modifies contents of non-volatile SPI flash memory (UEFI Variable NVRAM). This may render system unbootable if firmware doesn’t properly handle variable update/delete operations.
    “chipsec_main -m tools.uefi.uefivar_fuzz [-a <options>]“
    “[-a <test>,<iterations>,<seed>,<test_case>]“
    – “test“        which UEFI variable interface to fuzz “(all, name, guid, attrib, data, size)“
    – “iterations“    number of tests to perform (default = 1000)
    – “seed“        RNG seed to use
    – “test_case“    test case # to skip to (combined with seed, can be used to skip to failing test)
    All module arguments are optional
>>> -m tools.uefi.uefivar_fuzz
>>> -m tools.uefi.uefivar_fuzz -a all,100000
>>> -m tools.uefi.uefivar_fuzz -a data,1000,123456789
>>> -m tools.uefi.uefivar_fuzz -a name,1,123456789,94


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