announcing PreOS Security Inc. is my personal blog. I use it to post information about firmware as I come across it, in the hope that it might help others. I try to keep it impersonal and only focus on news/information, but my bias towards open source HW/FW/SW is not hard to find.

I started the blog a few years ago to learn firmware by focusing on the security perspective of firmware and learning from existing security researchers. I’d been doing OS-level driver consulting for a while, and was moving from OS-level moving down into firmware. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot and given talks and training on firmware security at LinuxFest Northwest, B-Sides PDX, SOURCE Seattle, and other places.

With great advice from both firmware engineers as well as firmware security researchers, I’ve seen an opportunity to help secure enterprises at the firmware level.

I’ve started a small new company, PreOS Security Inc., . Besides attending the last UEFI Plugfest, we’ve been mostly in ‘stealth mode’, busy working on code. We have a small group of advisors who are teaching us lots of things about security/b2b/tool startups.

We’re creating a product to help enterprises secure their system firmware, as per NIST SP 800-147 guidance. We’re leveraging the expertise of existing firmware security researchers, and some of their tools (for example CHIPSEC). We’re also writing new tools to fill in some of the gaps. Our product is currently in a pre-alpha stage, and are looking for a few enterprises who’re eager to secure their firmware to work on the alpha release.

We have a draft document on ‘enterprise firmware guidance’ that we’ll be publishing on our web site (and Github), as well as that ‘awesome firmware’ links that I’ve been promising in previous blog posts. We have some patches to existing tools that we need to upstream.

We also offer training to UEFI/ACPI device vendor QA teams, data centers, and security-minded enterprises, on using firmware security tools, and consulting to customize/integrate these tools. We’ve got a half-day training event that we’ll announce shortly.

We need a Python developer, either as a partner, or a few as contractors. Currently we have equity to offer. For more information, see: .

We’re currently self-funded, hoping to fund our product development with training/consulting. But to offer more than equity, we’ve begun looking at some other sources of funding. If there are any firmware-friendly angel investors reading this, we should talk.

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