Raytheon seeks Embedded Vulnerability Researcher

 […] Our Embedded System Vulnerability Researchers analyze a variety of devices to understand how they work and how they behave when they break. If it runs code, somebody in our office has looked at it. Candidates must be proficient with binary analysis techniques and familiar with vulnerability types such as heap corruption, use after free, and buffer overflows. Projects will be undertaken in small teams with close coordination with customers. A typical day may involve extracting firmware from a board, studying disassembly, or writing code to audit a device. Required Skills: Experience with C or C++ Proficient with static and dynamic binary analysis techniques Familiar with software vulnerabilities Experience reading and writing PowerPC Experience using reverse engineering tools such as IDA Pro, Binary Ninja, or objdump Experience using debuggers such as gdb Comfortable working in a Linux environment 3 or more of the “desired skills” below. Desired Skills: 4+ years of professional experience in VR, RE or related fields Experience developing embedded systems Knowledge of RTOS or Linux kernel internals Understanding of network protocols (TCP/IP stacks, RF communications, routing protocols, or others). Understanding of exploit mitigations such as DEP and ASLR Experience reading and writing non-PowerPC assembly (ARM, Intel, MIPS, or other) Experience using JTAGs or other techniques for firmware extraction Security Clearance: Qualified applicants may be subject to a security investigation and must meet minimum qualifications for access to classified information[…]


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