“UEFI-Dumper is a simple perl script to get access to your Insyde Bios hidden menus.”

The source code says: Copyright (c) 2013 Nurlan Mukhanov (aka Falseclock).


The tool appears brand-new, from Github epoch. But given the 2013 date in the copyright, it is probably older. A quick search finds the same code from a 3-year-old post:

When I noticed this, I sent an FYI to the the UEFI Security team and to Insyde’s security team, in case they hadn’t seen it. Kevin Davis of Insyde responded with:

“Insyde Software takes the security of our customer’s platforms very seriously. InsydeH2O and SETUP page settings are based on public specifications.  Insyde is aware that the UEFI-Dumper allows individuals to get the information about SETUP pages that customers have hidden. Insyde believes that current customer platforms are following our guidelines for protecting sensitive system variables from malicious changes. As the first BIOS vendor to ship production systems supporting the UEFI standards, Insyde has always worked to improve the UEFI standards and our InsydeH2O BIOS.  Our customers are encouraged to work with their Insyde contacts to continue to build secure systems.”

[1] https://www.insyde.com/contact/reportsecurity

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