CHIPSEC gets new MMIO BAR module

Experimental module that may help checking SMM firmware for MMIO BAR hijacking
vulnerabilities described in the following presentation:
`BARing the System: New vulnerabilities in Coreboot & UEFI based systems <;`_ by Intel Advanced Threat Research team at RECon Brussels 2017
  “chipsec_main -m tools.smm.rogue_mmio_bar [-a <smi_start:smi_end>,<b:d.f>]“
– “smi_start:smi_end“: range of SMI codes (written to IO port 0xB2)
– “b:d.f“: PCIe bus/device/function in b:d.f format (in hex)
    >>> -m tools.smm.rogue_mmio_bar -a 0x00:0x80
    >>> -m tools.smm.rogue_mmio_bar -a 0x00:0xFF,0:1C.0


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