UTTOS: UEFI testing research

A paper from October 2016 that I just noticed:

UTTOS: A Tool for Testing UEFI Code in OS Environment

Unit tests are one of the most widely used tools to assure a minimal level of quality and compliance during development. However, they are not used in many projects where development takes place at low-level contexts. The main reason is that unit test development itself demands more time and becomes expensive in this context and tools that assist test creation are rare or absent. In UEFI development this scenario matches the reality of most teams and unit testing as well as other testing techniques are often not used. To address this fault we propose UTTOS, a tool that parses EDKII build configuration files, mocks the UEFI-specific functions for C development and enables UEFI test suite code to run in the operating system. We show that UTTOS is able to run the test suit in the operating system and save development time.


Did not find any source code… 😦 If you do, please leave a Comment!

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