Linux Kernel lockdown

David Howells of Red Hat has posted a 24-part patch to the Linux-(Kernel,EFI) lists, which hardens Linux from some firmware attacks.

These patches provide a facility by which a variety of avenues by which userspace can feasibly modify the running kernel image can be locked down. These include:
 (*) No unsigned modules and no modules for which can’t validate the signature.
 (*) No use of ioperm(), iopl() and no writing to /dev/port.
 (*) No writing to /dev/mem or /dev/kmem.
 (*) No hibernation.
 (*) Restrict PCI BAR access.
 (*) Restrict MSR access.
 (*) No kexec_load().
 (*) Certain ACPI restrictions.
 (*) Restrict debugfs interface to ASUS WMI.

The lock-down can be configured to be triggered by the EFI secure boot status, provided the shim isn’t insecure.  The lock-down can be lifted by typing SysRq+x on a keyboard attached to the system.[…]

See the full patch for more info:

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