Microsoft updates ACPI web page

Microsoft just updated an ACPI doc of theirs:

It still refers to ACPI 5.0, while current ACPI version is at 6.1, though… No changelog, you’ll have to compare this against your archive of the old version of this web page. 🙂

Different results from reading the 3 URLs: (exports a spreadsheet)

If you use the search ability of the site, eg:

it only lists 3 tables. I’d expect it list WSMT, but it does not. Strange. Note that the ACPI search page says it was last updated 2016, so may not have current data to search?

I’d really like to see the ACPI site map the various registries to all of their specs, not have a few separate lists of company registeries, and a separate list of specs, not tied to companies.


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