Intel AMT story, continued

Intel AMT chip bug suspected backdoor, but likely coding error
[…]Some researchers accused the vulnerability of being a backdoor. Tatu Ylonen, the inventor of the Secure Shell protocol told SC Media Charlie Demerjan, the researcher who spotted the flaw, claims to have been in discussions over bug with Intel for years urging them t to fix it. “If his claim is true (I have no reason to doubt it but have no independent evidence), then it begins to sound very much like a backdoor,” Demerjan said. “I mean, if someone knows their product has a vulnerability that undermines the security of pretty much every enterprise server in the world and most security tools, wouldn’t they want to disclose it to the government, one of their biggest customers?”[…]

[…]What is clear, however, is that this flaw (which has existed for more than 9 years) truly is somewhere between nightmarish and apocalyptic. Taking no action is not an option.

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