MASCAB: a Micro-Architectural Side-Channel Attack Bibliography

MASCAB: a Micro-Architectural Side-Channel Attack Bibliography
Cryptography is a fast-moving field, which is enormously exciting but also quite challenging: resources such as the IACR eprint archive and CryptoBib help, but even keeping track of new results in certain sub-fields can be difficult, let alone then making useful contributions. The sub-field of micro-architectural side-channel attacks is an example of this, in part as the result of it bridging multiple disciplines (e.g., cryptography and computer architecture). I’ve found this particularly challenging (and so frustrating) over say the last 5 years; the volume of papers has expanded rapidly, but the time I’d normally allocate to reading them has been eroded by other commitments (as evidenced by a pile of printed papers gathering dust on my desk). In the end, I decided to tackle this problem by progressively a) collating papers I could read, then b) reading them one-by-one, but in no particular order, and attempting to summarise their contribution (and so organise the sub-field as a whole in my head). MASCAB is the result: after starting to advise MSc and PhD students on how to navigate the sub-field, it seems likely to be of use to others as well.[…]

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