new ACPI registry updates for 2017

Since I last looked[1], there has been one new company added to the ACPI registry (Marvell), and one new/updated ACPI spec (CSRT). There are also multiple new Plug and Play registry entries. (Last updated: 5/25/2017)
Coreboot Project BOOT 02/28/2017
Exar Corporation EXAR 02/28/2017
Marvell Technology Group Ltd. MRVL 05/25/2017
VR Technology Holdings Limited 3GVR 01/19/2017 (Last updated 4/27/2016)
HOYA Corporation PENTAX Lifecare Division PNT 05/25/2017
Inlife-Handnet Co., Ltd. IVR 01/19/2017
MediCapture, Inc. MVR 05/25/2017
Pabian Embedded Systems PMS 02/28/2017
Pimax Tech. CO., LTD PVR 02/07/2017
Shanghai Chai Ming Huang Info&Tech Co, Ltd HYL 02/28/2017
Shanghai Lexiang Technology Limited DPN 02/07/2017
Techlogix Networx TLN 02/28/2017
Televic Conference TCF 02/28/2017
Total Vision LTD TVL 02/07/2017
VR Technology Holdings Limited DSJ 01/19/2017

It appears the PNP_ID exported spreadsheet is not yet up-to-date with web page. By comparison, there were many more PNP IDs registered. But the ACPI exported spreadsheet is. Yet the PNP web page’s last-updated date is wrong, and the ACPI web page’s date is correct. It would be really helpful if the URL for the company would be included in the table, as well as an URL to each ACPI spec. And announce their updates. And it would be really nice if OEMs/ODMs/IHVs/IBVs/OSVs listed what ACPI version and tables they supported (yes, wishful thinking).


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