Evil Chambermaids in the era of Travel 2.0

Does the OEMs have any proactive effort to help verify the silicon of a system against a profile, in effect to ‘hash’ the hardware? Maybe vendors need to make a verifiable device that can be used on an airline (and other places where users would like to verify their hardware). OEMs need to build verifiable systems, not sit back and let politicians and criminals destroy their market. Who is doing research to help here? Simply banning devices is not a solution. When you check a laptop, you lose physical access to the device, and it can no longer be trusted, given the current firmware/hardware designs by vendors. OEMs need to build solutions that work in this Travel 2.0 era. The Stateless Laptop by Joanna Rutkoska is a start.

“Evil Maids are believed to be enthusiastic to the new regulation.” –Joanna Rutkowska






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