Aditya Gupta: Firmware Analysis for IoT Devices

Firmware Analysis for IoT Devices

Aditya Gupta

This is the second blog related to IoT Exploitation and Penetration Testing. In this blog we are going to have a look at a key component in an IoT device architecture – firmware‍. Any IOT‍ device you use, you will be interacting with firmware, and this is because firmware can be thought of as the actual code that runs on an IoT or embedded device‍ . For this post, we will start by looking at various ways to extract file system from firmware, and then move into going deeper into analysing binaries for vulnerabilities. The most common architectures for IoT devices are ARM‍ and MIPS‍ , which is also something we will cover later in this series. Before starting digging deep into the firmware, we would have a look at the components and related aspects, such as file system types, compression‍ , encryptions, and bootladder‍.[…]

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