Reverse Engineering Samsung S6 SBOOT – Part II

Reverse Engineering Samsung S6 SBOOT – Part II
By Fernand Lone Sang

In my previous article, I explained how to load Samsung’s proprietary bootloader SBOOT into IDA Pro. The journey to the TEE OS continues in this second article which describes two techniques to locate Trustonic’s TEE <t-base in the binary blob. A few months back, I started digging into various TEE implementations and that led me to reverse engineer Samsung’s proprietary bootloader SBOOT [1]. At that time, I suspected that the Trustonic’s TEE <t-base was somehow embedded in the bootloader’s image of Exynos-based smartphones, and it turned out that my assumptions were good. Back then, I used two techniques to locate <t-base in SBOOT but I did not find enough time to cleanup my notes and blog about it until now. This article describes the two techniques I used.[…]




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