OpenSuCo 2017: Workshop on Open Source Supercomputing

OpenSuCo 2017, the 2017 International Workshop on Open Source Supercomputing, just happened.  PDFs of many — but not all — of the presentations are available!

The OpenSuCo Workshop seeks to encapsulate a wealth of effort in design, prototyping, and cross-functional collaboration of open source hardware, software, and scientific computing projects in a singular point of technical discussion and exchange.

Open Source Silicon – Challenges, Opportunities, and Predictions
Generation and Reconfiguration of Accelerators for Data Center
Breaking the 4th Wall: Reducing the Datacenter to a SoC
CloudLightning and the OPM-based Use Case
Fundamentals of OmpSs
Efficient Programming for Multicore Processor Heterogeneity: OpenMP versus OmpSs
Taking PBS Pro Open Source: From Crazy Decision to Early Operational Success
HermitCore: A Library Operating System for Cloud and High-Performance Computing
Best GPU Code Practices Combining OpenACC, CUDA, and OmpSs

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