UEFI-based IoT firmware updates


Simplify Secure, UEFI-Based IoT Firmware Updates
Rich Nass

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), where everything is becoming connected, each connection point can be viewed as a “Hack This” sign for the bad guys. To prevent this, developers need to be sure that all firmware and associated patches are kept up to date with verified and secure revision control. Any unpatched or outdated firmware can allow access to critical system functions. Unfortunately, this need to keep firmware updated often goes overlooked by the development team after a product has shipped. In many cases this is due to the resources required and complexities involved. But what if the whole process of updating and securing firmware remotely or over the air (OTA) could be standardized and encapsulated within an easy-to-use, reliable solution that works seamlessly with your underlying hardware? It turns out that such a solution is already in hand.[…]



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