Alpine Linux Persistence and Storage Summit

Christoph Hellwig announced this event on the Linux-NVME mailing list.

We proudly announce the Alpine Linux Persistence and Storage Summit (ALPSS), which will be held from September 27-29 at the Lizumerhuette in Austria. The goal of this conference is to discuss the hot topics in Linux storage and file systems, such as persistent memory, NVMe, multi-pathing, raw or open channel flash and I/O scheduling in a cool and relaxed setting with spectacular views in the Austrian alps. We plan to have a small selection of short and to the point talks, and lots of room for discussion in small groups, as well as ample downtime to enjoy the surrounding. Attendance is free except for the accommodation and food at the lodge, but the number of seats is strictly limited. […] Note: The Lizumerhuette is an Alpine Society lodge in a high alpine environment. A hike of approximately 2 hours is required to the lodge, and no other accommodations are available within walking distance.

Full announcement:



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