Intel SGX elevation of privilege update

Intel SGX security update for Intel Servers/NUC/ComputeStick. Excerpt of announcement:

Intel ID: INTEL-SA-00076
Product family: Intel Server Systems, NUC, and Compute Stick
Impact of vulnerability: Elevation of Privilege
Severity rating: Critical
Original release: Jul 25, 2017

Intel has released updates that improve the security of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX). The improvement applies to 6th and 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Families, Intel® Xeon® E3-1500M v5 and v6 Processor Families, and Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v5 and v6 Product Families. This update improves the security of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and is strongly recommended. While this firmware update prevents exploitation of the issue on systems running SGX, Intel also provides an SGX Attestation service to allow service providers to know whether clients have the latest security updates. Intel plans to update the SGX Attestation Service response on November 14, 2017. On platforms that have not installed the update, SGX applications using the SGX Attestation Service will begin to receive “out of date” responses from the SGX Attestation Service. Applications using SGX may or may not take action based on this information. If SGX Attestation is used, it may be necessary for applications using SGX to re-provision the platform with an updated SGX platform attestation key after this update is installed. This updated attestation key allows the platform to demonstrate that it is up to date.

Full announcement:

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