Intel on SSD secure erase feature

What is secure erase, and is it certified on an Intel® SSD?
by Doug DeVetter | July 31, 2017
Intel SSD used with Secure Erase

I’m often asked whether the secure erase feature within Intel® SSDs is certified by NIST, U.S. DoD, or other government or industry bodies. Intel has implemented the secure erase feature consistent with the ATA and NVMe specifications. The designs and implementations have been internally reviewed and validated. A third-party has tested the implementation on a subset of our products and reported that the data was unrecoverable. Intel is unaware of any industry or government body which certifies or approves the implementation of this technical capability. NIST SP 800-88 is often cited as the guideline to be followed in the United States with regard to secure erase. NIST provides guidelines, however, NIST does not certify compliance to these guidelines. In addition to being consistent with the ATA and NVMe specifications, our implementation of secure erase is in line with the NIST guidelines for data sanitization.[…]

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