Minoca 0.4 released

I just noticed that Yabits  has a new Github project called “uefi”, which is a:

“A minoca based UEFI coreboot payload”


Yikes, I don’t know what Minoca is.

“Minoca OS is a general purpose operating system written from scratch. It aims to be lean, maintainable, modular, and compatible with existing software. It features a POSIX-like interface towards application software, and a growing suite of popular packages already built and ready to go. On the backend, it contains a powerful driver model between device drivers and the kernel. The driver model enables drivers to be written in a forward compatible manner, so that kernel level components can be upgraded without necessarily requiring a recompilation of all device drivers. Minoca OS is event driven, preemptible, SMP ready, and network capable. It currently runs on x86 PCs and a range of ARM boards.”


Installing Git on Minoca OS


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