Cr4sh’s DmaHvBackdoor.c: Hyper-V backdoor for UEFI

Cr4sh is having fun with Windows Device Guard:

DmaHvBackdoor.c comments:

Part of UEFI DXE driver code that injects Hyper-V VM exit handler backdoor into the Device Guard enabled Windows 10 Enterprise. Execution starts from new_ExitBootServices() — a hook handler for EFI_BOOT_SERVICES.ExitBootServices() which being called by winload!OslFwpKernelSetupPhase1(). After DXE phase exit winload.efi transfers exeution to previously loaded Hyper-V kernel (hvix64.sys) by calling winload!HvlpTransferToHypervisor(). To transfer execution to Hyper-V winload.efi uses a special stub winload!HvlpLowMemoryStub() copied to reserved memory page at constant address 0x2000. During runtime phase this memory page is visible to hypervisor core at the same virtual and physical address and has executable permissions which makes it a perfect place to store our Hyper-V backdoor code. VMExitHandler() is a hook handler for VM exit function of hypervisor core, it might be used for interaction between hypervisor backdoor and guest virtual machines.

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