Frida 10.4 released

Frida provides quite a few building blocks that make it easy to do portable instrumentation across many OSes and architectures. One area that’s been lacking has been in non-portable use-cases. While we did provide some primitives like Memory.alloc(Process.pageSize) and Memory.patchCode(), making it possible to allocate and modify in-memory code, there wasn’t anything to help you actually generate code. Or copy code from one memory location to another. Considering that Frida needs to generate and transform quite a bit of machine code for its own needs, e.g. to implement Interceptor and Stalker, it should come as no surprise that we already have C APIs to do these things across six different instruction set flavors. Initially these APIs were so barebones that I didn’t see much value in exposing them to JavaScript, but after many years of interesting internal use-cases they’ve evolved to the point where the essential bits are now covered pretty well. So with 10.4 we are finally exposing all of these APIs to JavaScript. It’s also worth mentioning that these new bindings are auto-generated, so future additions will be effortless.[…]

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