DR.CHECKER: Linux kernel driver vulnerability detection tool

 DR.CHECKER : A Soundy Vulnerability Detection Tool for Linux Kernel Drivers

usage: run_all.py [-h] [-l LLVM_BC_OUT] [-a CHIPSET_NUM] [-m MAKEOUT] [-g COMPILER_NAME] [-n ARCH_NUM] [-o OUT] [-k KERNEL_SRC_DIR] [-skb] [-skl] [-skp] [-ske] [-ski] [-f SOUNDY_ANALYSIS_OUT]

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-l LLVM_BC_OUT Destination directory where all the generated bitcode files should be stored.
-a CHIPSET_NUM Chipset number. Valid chipset numbers are:
-m MAKEOUT Path to the makeout.txt file.
-g COMPILER_NAME Name of the compiler used in the makeout.txt, This is
needed to filter out compilation commands. Ex: aarch64-linux-android-gcc
-n ARCH_NUM Destination architecture, 32 bit (1) or 64 bit (2).
-o OUT Path to the out folder. This is the folder, which
could be used as output directory during compiling
some kernels. (Note: Not all kernels needs a separate out folder)
-k KERNEL_SRC_DIR Base directory of the kernel sources.
-skb Skip LLVM Build (default: not skipped).
-skl Skip Dr Linker (default: not skipped).
-skp Skip Parsing Headers (default: not skipped).
-ske Skip Entry point identification (default: not
-ski Skip Soundy Analysis (default: not skipped).
-f SOUNDY_ANALYSIS_OUT Path to the output folder where the soundy analysis output should be stored.


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