Radare Conference 2017



Beginner Training (pancake, alvarofe)
Intro to Unpacking on Windows (newlog, Giomismo, zlowram)
Beginner Training (maijin, xvilka)
Tiny uControllers firmware reversing and exploiting (dark_k3y)

r2frida (@mrmacete)
SIOL – condret
CFG-based fussy hash for malware classification using r2 (robin marsollier)
zdbg (@zutle)
GSoC talks (gdbserver, windows support and backstepping) @xvilka
r2anal (alvaro) + limits of esil (killabyte)
RAIR (@oddcoder)
r2 module for Yara (@plutec_net + @mmorenog)
Anal clemency (@raysong)
Intro to Reversing Windows Malware Using r2 @ newlog
Surprise talk by @oleavr
Diaphora and r2 (@pancake, @matalaz)
Road to the kernel (@nighterman)
Pimp my Triton (ak42)

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