Booting Windows from USB drive

Here’s a MSDN blog entry on how to boot Windows via a thumbdrive. It is basically an introduction to Rufus…

Installing Windows with Secure Boot from USB drive
July 18, 2017
by Anders Lybecker

Once and a while I reinstall my machine. It feels nice with a clean slate as I tend to install all kinds of applications that pollutes my machine. A newly installed machine just runs better somehow. My machine needs to be secure, so Secure Boot and encrypted drive via BitLocker is a must. It limits the risk of someone messing with my machine and stealing my data. Here is how…[…]

BTW, these days it is pretty rare to see a modern open source GUI tool that is written to use the native Windows Win32 GUI (GDI). These days, most GUIs are written using friendlier GUI frameworks/languages. Rufus is an ‘old school’ Windows tool, no drag-and-drop IDE-generated GUI code… 🙂

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