Two new Rust/UEFI projects by Jiří Zárevúcky

Two new Rust/UEFI projects:

rust-efi-app: High-level bindings for writing UEFI applications in Rust. Currently in very early stages. The goal is that the library will make it easy and safe to write an application (e.g. an OS kernel) that is capable of functioning across call to ExitBootServices() without depending on the programmer’s judgement for safety, transparently dealing with issues like memory allocations and console output.

rust-efi-types:  Autogenerated Rust bindings for UEFI types and methods. Generated using bindgen from the headers distributed with gnu-efi. The headers are included. Only works on x86_64, and I don’t plan to extend it to other platforms, or clean it up in any way, because it’s all just a giant hack so that I don’t have to waste much time on proper bindings at this moment. Eventually, it will outlive its usefulness and be unceremoniously dumped into trash.


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