Intel Platform Armoring and Resiliency team seeks BIOS intern

Interesting: Intel SSG has a “Platform Armoring and Resiliency (PAR)” team! Wish I had more details on what they do (besides inferring from job postings). If you’re on the PAR team and you have a home page or more public info, please leave a Comment.

Security BIOS Engineering Intern Hillsboro, OR
Job ID: JR0034895
Job Category: Intern/Student

Intel Corporation’s Software and Services Group (SSG) is looking for an intern to work in the area of platform firmware resiliency. The Platform Armoring and Resiliency PAR team within SSG is responsible for creating a secure firmware capability within Intel and the ecosystem to proactively ensure the standard boot and recovery infrastructure of IA platforms is both usable and secure[…]

* Utilizing fuzzing and symbolic execution tools to explore target binaries
* Prototyping new functionality in UEFI/BIOS
* Developing/supporting software tools in C and Python
* Gathering and analyzing execution traces to identify patterns of interest
* Utilizing QEMU or virtualization environments to analyze target binaries

* 3 months experience with Intel Model-Specific Registers (MSRs) or Configuration Space Registers (CSRs)
* 3 months experience with developing kernel modules or kernel code

A bit less interesting: Intel HR webmaster posts URLs with spaces in them. 😦

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