Agenda for ECC’17

The schedule for the European Coreboot Conference 2017 (ECC’17) is out:

* Keynote, Stefan Reinauer
* Run upstream coreboot on an ARM Chromebook. Paul Menzel
* DDR3 memory initialization basics on Intel Sandybrige platforms. Patrick Rudolph
* Booting UEFI-aware OS on coreboot enabled platform – “In God’s Name, Why?”. Piotr Król, Kamil Wcisło
* Reverse engineering MT8173 PCM firmwares and ISA for a fully free bootchain. Paul Kocialkowski
* Let’s move SMM out of firmware and into the kernel. Ron Minnich
* A Tale of six motherboards, two BSDs and coreboot. Piotr Kubaj
* Buying trustworthy hardware for federal agencies: How open source firmware saves the day. Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
* SINUMERIK 840D sl – step ahead with coreboot. Werner Zeh
* Enabling TPM 2.0 on coreboot based devices Piotr Król, Kamil Wcisło
* Reverse Engineering x86 Processor Microcode. Philipp Koppe, Benjamin Kollenda
* Porting coreboot to the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8. Alexander Couzens, Felix Held
* Implementing coreboot in a ground breaking secure system: ORWL. Wim Vervoorn , Gerard Duynisveld

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