ARM Innovator Program launched

Arm is pleased to announce the launch of the Arm Innovator Program in collaboration with, the leading community dedicated to learning hardware. The Arm Innovator Program is a new initiative to help support the global ecosystem of Arm developers, highlight the impressive work happening around the world based on Arm technology and share key domain knowledge from top technical experts building solutions on Arm with a wider audience. Without further ado, we’re excited to announce the first group of Arm Innovators below; you’ll learn more about them later in the blog:

John Teel, President of Predictable Designs
Laura Kassovic, President and Co-founder of MbientLab
Forrest Iandola, CEO and Founder of DeepScale
Amit Moran, VP of Innovation at temi – the personal robot
Laurent Itti, Computational Neuroscientist, creator of the JeVois
Orlando Hoilett, PHD student and founder of Calvary Engineering
Renee Love, Open-source roboticist
Azeria – Independent Security Researcher, Founder of Azeria Labs
Andrew Dresner, Open-source roboticist
Honggang Li, Co-founder of Maker Collider


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