Google wants servers without Intel ME and UEFI

Golem has a story about the recent Google presentation at OSSEU2017:

From Google Translation of German text:

Google wants servers without Intel ME and UEFI
by Sebastian Grüner
According to the motto “Are you afraid?” a team of Google’s coreboot developers is working with colleagues to make Intel’s ME and the proprietary UEFI harmless in servers. And probably with success.[…]

Click to access Replace%20UEFI%20with%20Linux.pdf

Ronald Minnich auf dem Open Source Summit in Prag

Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see the video of this presentation archived.


2 thoughts on “Google wants servers without Intel ME and UEFI

  1. The Google & Coreboot guys _again_ at it? Geez, it’s one thing to try and persuade//force Intel (but also AMD and ARM) to rid their CPUs of their CPU Management Engines a.k.a. the CPU within the CPU and its corresponding micro-OS, or have them provide you with non-NDAd access to its internal interfaces and micro-OS source code in order to replace the binary blob with a FOSS binary, but framing it as a Mobo firmware issue is just completely missing the underlying point. That is so typical 20th century Linux zealot “my way or or the highway” mentality. It didn’t work when it was LinuxBIOS, it’s obviously not working out all that well for x86(-64) and ARM(64) now it’s Coreboot, and it’s not going to work when it’s going to be NERF. Now what’s far more likely to work for the G&C camp is to put their weight behind CPU ISA HW based on OpenPOWER and/or RISC-V and have those kind of systems in-house or out of the door. This also solves their Firmware architecture beef as they can slap on any kind of firmware type on the Flash chip they see fit, and leave the end user with the choice of his preferred payload.


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