Intel patch for UEFI pre-memory DMA protection in PEI

Intel has submitted a V3 patch to the tianocore EDK2 project, with additional DMA protection for UEFI on Intel systems.

[PATCH V3 0/2] IntelSiliconPkg: Add Pre-Memory DMA protection in PEI

1) update the function comments of InitDmar()
2) update the function comments of SiliconInitializedPpiNotifyCallback()
3) remove duplicated BAR debug message.
4) fix the size field in the mPlatformVTdNoIgdSample structure.

Minor enhancement: Replace IsDmaProtectionEnabled() by GetDmaProtectionEnabledEngineMask(), for better code management.

This series patch adds Pre-Memory DMA protection in PEI. The purpose is to make sure when the system memory is initialized, the DMA protection takes effect immediately. The IntelVTdPmrPei driver is updated to remove the global variable and add VTD_INFO_PPI notification. The VTdInfoSample driver is updated to install the initial VTD_INFO_PPI before memory init, and add more content after memory init by reinstalling VTD_INFO_PPI. This patch is validated on one Intel Client kabylake platform.

For more info, see full patch:

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