Hardware startup events continue to ignore security

ATOMS 2017 by Hardware Club is happening in Paris, for hardware startups.

ATOMS is a one-day event combining a series of:
* Highly specialised talks about IoT, robotics, automation, investment in hardware
* Panels and fireside chats with hardware founders
* With a range of speakers drawn from top VCs, startups and corporate partners

* Creating strategic competitive advantage by leveraging crowdsourcing and community
* Navigating the VC landscape
* Capital efficiency & the use of capital
* How to build things with purpose
* From B2C to B2B: why all hardware founders should be B2B entrepreneurs
* Getting into mass production
* Why design matters
* Building communities that last


To date, I have NEVER seen a security presentation listed at a hardware startup event. 😦 I guess the default security presentation is “Build hardware with no thought for security, watch your products become part in the next botnet attack, get mocked by Internet of Shit, get sued by your customers, watch your business fail.“? Hardware Club: PLEASE add a security talk!


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