4 thoughts on “Qtbase: EFIDroid port of Qt to UEFI!

  1. I’ve done this as a proof of concept and have to work on a few other things until I can use this in EFIDroid but is in theory ready to use.
    I’ve even recently started adding X64 support so it can be used on regular computers – I only have to add X64 support to UEFIThreads to complete that(which is required by QML).
    To get you started, here’s a short explanation, you can also contact me via mail, hangouts, slack or riot.
    – to be able to use libc and stdc++ in UEFI we need a special toolchain. you can can build it using these instructions: https://github.com/efidroid/crosstool-ng-uefi
    – the toolchain will generate elf binaries, so you’ll need elf2efi to convert these to loadable efi-binaries: https://github.com/efidroid/modules_elf2efi
    – the configure command for qt looks something like this:
    ../qt5/configure -release -device uefi-x64 -device-option CROSS_COMPILE=x86_64-uefi-elf- -device-option EDKII_DIR=/path/to/edk2 -opensource -confirm-license -nomake examples -make tools -nomake tests -feature-optimize_size -sysroot /path/to/install-dir(don’t use your system directories)
    – at that point you should be able to compile qt projects using:
    /path/to/install-dir/usr/local/Qt-5.10.0/bin/qmake -spec devices/uefi-x64
    – and then convert them using elf2efi

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