Trammell on LinuxBoot (NERF) and Heads

Note that NERF is also called LinuxBoot now.

The NERF project is a collaboration with Ron Minnich at Google (creator of LinuxBIOS and coreboot) that aims to build an open, customizable, and slightly more secure firmware for server machines based on using Linux and Heads in the ROM to replace UEFI as the bootloader. Unlike coreboot, NERF doesn’t attempt to replace the chipset initialization code with opensource. Instead it retains the vendor PEI (Pre-EFI environment) code as well as the signed ACM (authenticated code modules) that Intel provides for establishing the TXT (trusted execution environment). The NERF firmware replaces the DXE (Driver Execution Environment) portion of UEFI with a few open source wrappers, the Linux Kernel and the Heads measured runtime.


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