Hammertime: rowhammer testing/profiling/simulating suite

Hammertime: a software suite for testing, profiling and simulating the rowhammer DRAM defect. Includes the following components:
* libramses: a library that handles address translation for the entire memory stack.
* libperfev-util: a library providing a more human-friendly interface to Linux’s performance event API.
* Probes for monitoring memory access behaviour of running programs.
* Predictors that decide whether a certain memory access behaviour triggers rowhammer.
* Glue code to tie all this together and effect bit flips in memory.
* Fliptables: example profiles of rowhammer-vulnerable DRAM chips, usable by a dedicated predictor.
* Various cool tools and utilities:
+ tools/profile: a tool to test a running system’s vulnerability to rowhammer.
+ py/prettyprofile.py converts a profile output into something more human-friendly.
+ py/hammerprof.py converts a profile output into a fliptable.
+ py/common_flips.py processes multiple profile results selecting only bit flips common to all. Useful for finding bit flips that can be reliably triggered.
+ py/pyramses is a Python interface to libramses.
+ py/hammertime/ contains Python interfaces to work with profile results and fliptables.
+ py/hammertime/estimate.py is a framework for rapidly estimating Rowhammer attack effectiveness, based on exploit models and profile results.
+ ramses/tools/msys_detect.py is an interactive tool for detecting current system memory configuration.


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