TU Graz story on rowhammer

TU Graz News
When rowhammer only knocks once
04 Dec 2017 | Planet Research | FoE Information, Communication & Computing
By Birgit Baustädter
Rowhammer attacks make use of hardware vulnerabilities in order to access computer systems. TU Graz researchers have discovered a new type of attack – and raise questions about protective mechanisms. There is a huge computer screen with a lot of words on it. In the background there are four men. The research team with Michael Schwarz (left), Daniel Gruss (second from left) and Moritz Lipp (right) as well as working group leader Stefan Mangard.“When a system is regarded as absolutely safe, our curiosity is awakened,” explains Daniel Gruss from the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communication Technology at TU Graz. As part of the Secure Systems working group, the researcher is occupied with the security of IT systems and in particular rowhammer attacks. Together with colleagues Michael Schwarz and Moritz Lipp, he has recently published research results which have generated excitement in the community to say the least and possibly may lead to a complete rethink.[…]



There is a huge computer screen with a lot of words on it. In the background there are four men.

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