Intel releases Firmware Engine for Linux and Windows

Previously the Intel Firmware Engine was a Windows-only thing, and I’d usually mention the lack of Linux support when posting about each Windows release. This time they’ve ported it to Linux!!! Thanks, Intel!

Posted by BrianRichardson on 12/18/2017

The Intel® Firmware Engine 4.0 release is now available. Intel Firmware Engine enables rapid firmware configuration and customization using a graphical interface, without the need for source modifications. Customers start from a validated Intel reference design, allowing developers to configure firmware features based on their product customizations. This development process accelerates adding & removing firmware features not found in reference platform, adding 3rd party components, and integration of custom boot payloads.

Intel Firmware Engine 4.0 (Linux)

Intel Firmware Engine 4.0 adds application support for Ubuntu* Linux*, in addition to existing support for Microsoft* Windows operating systems. This release also updates the firmware core, based on the UDK2017 release available from, and improves deployment of microcode patch updates.


Intel Firmware Engine 4.0 (Linux)

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