Environment variable whitelisting patch for U-Boot

Quentin Schulz of Free Electrons submitted a patch to U-Boot, adding whitelisting of variables, based on a patch by Maxim Ripard of Free Electrons.

[PATCH 00/11] Introduce variables whitelisting in environment

This patch series is based on a patch series from Maxime. This is an RFC. It’s been only tested in a specific use case on a custom i.MX6 board. It’s known to break compilation on a few boards. I have a use case where we want some variables from a first environment to be overriden by variables from a second environment. For example, we want to load variables from the default env (ENV_IS_NOWHERE) and then load only a handful of other variables from, e.g., NAND. In our use case, we basically can be sure that the default env in the U-Boot binary is secure but we want only a few variables to be modified, thus keeping control over the overall behaviour of U-Boot in secure mode. It works in that way:
– from highest to lowest priority, the first environment that can be loaded (that has successfully init and whose load function has returned no errors) will be the main environment,
– then, all the following environment that could be successfully loaded (same conditions as the main environment) are secondary environment. The env variables that are defined both in CONFIG_ENV_VAR_WHITELIST_LIST and in the secondary environments override the ones in the main environment,
– for saving, we save the whole environment to all environments available, be they main or secondary (it does not matter to save the whole environment on secondary environments as only the whitelisted variables will be overriden in the loading process

[1] https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/cover/842057/

For more info, see full email/patch on:

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