UEFIStarter: framework to simplify UEFI development with TianoCore EDK2

This is a small C framework for UEFI development built on top of TianoCore EDK2. This project is not a comprehensive course in UEFI development. If you’re just starting to write UEFI code you’ll need to use additional material like the official TianoCore documentation, and the UEFI Specification. The library and UEFI applications included in this code are meant to simplify a few repetitive tasks when developing UEFI code. For example there is a configurable command line argument parser that will validate input strings and convert them into the target datatype, e.g. integers. This project started out with another UEFI development kit (gnu-efi) but eventually outgrew the original SDK, so I migrated it to TianoCore EDK2017. As a result of this there are still a few library functions included that are already built-in into TianoCore. It is my hope that this code helps anyone looking into, or starting with, UEFI development: I did that myself a few months ago and found parts of the various documentations frustratingly lacking. If I can spare you some of the headache I had I’m happy.


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