Intel adds ROP-detection Branch Monitoring support to Linux

Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2017 11:00:03 -0700

This patchset adds support for Intel’s branch monitoring feature. This feature uses heuristics to detect the occurrence of an ROP(Return Oriented Programming) or ROP like(JOP: Jump oriented programming) attack. These heuristics are based off certain performance monitoring statistics, measured dynamically over a short configurable window period. ROP is a malware trend in which the attacker can compromise a return pointer held on the stack to redirect execution to a different desired instruction. Currently, only the Cannonlake family of Intel processors support this feature. This feature is enabled by CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS_INTEL_BM. Once the kernel is compiled with CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS_INTEL_BM=y on a Cannonlake system, the following perf events are added which can be viewed with perf list:
intel_bm/branch-misp/ [Kernel PMU event]
intel_bm/call-ret/ [Kernel PMU event]
intel_bm/far-branch/ [Kernel PMU event]
intel_bm/indirect-branch-misp/ [Kernel PMU event]
intel_bm/ret-misp/ [Kernel PMU event]
intel_bm/rets/ [Kernel PMU event]

A perf-based kernel driver has been used to monitor the occurrence of one of the 6 branch monitoring events. There are 2 counters that each can select between one of these events for evaluation over a specified instruction window size (0 to 1023). For each counter, a threshold value (0 to 127) can be configured to set a point at which an interrupt is generated. The entire system can monitor a maximum of 2 events(either from the same or different tasks) at any given time. Apart from the kernel driver, this patchset adds CPUID of Cannonlake processors to Intel family list and the Documentation/x86/intel_bm.txt file with some information about Intel Branch monitoring.

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