iExtractor: automate extraction from iOS firmware files

iExtractor: Automate Extraction from iOS Firmware Files
iExtractor is a collection of tools and scripts to automate data extraction from iOS firmware files (i.e. IPSW files). It runs on macOS and partially on Linux (certain tools and features only work on macOS). IPSW (iPhone Software) files are provided publicly by Apple for OTA (over-the-air) updates for devices running iOS. provides links to IPSW files by device and iOS version. Similar information is on The iPhone Wiki. IPSW files are ZIP files packing the filesystem, kernel image and other files. The filesystem image and kernel image files for iOS <= 9 are encrypted; the firmware keys for most of these files are provided by the community on The iPhone Wiki. In the command output below 058-25512-331.dmg (the largest file) is the filesystem image file and kernelcache.release.n41 is the kernel image file or the kernelcache.[…]


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