LAVA 2018.2 released

Neil Williams of Linaro announced the 2018.2 release of LAVA. Here’s 3 changes excerpted from the announcement below:

* Bootloader support changes: Better detect errors in the bootloader – this adds support to distinguish between a bootloader failure and a kernel failure to detect problems when the bootloader tries to start the kernel. This has an important effect on how some test jobs run – see Quiet Kernels below. The parallel change (7a2b3a68 Change the flow of bootloader commands so they are executed individually) supports detecting failures to download artifacts as distinct from failures to execute once downloaded.

* Bootloader action optimisations: To support the better error detection, several bootloader actions have been optimised. This means that different actions may be used, changing the names you may be using for timeouts. e.g.
The timeout name was u-boot-interrupt – now it is bootloader-interrupt. The UI shows you which actions have been assembled into the pipeline.
e.g.: bootloader-interrupt: Wait for prompt Hit any key to stop autoboot (timeout 00:02:00)

* Quiet Kernels: The bootloader support changes wait for an indication that the bootloader has completed and that the kernel has started, by watching for a kernel_start_message. If your kernel is configured to be quiet, then each test job using that kernel *must* clear the kernel_start_message:
   kernel_start_message: ”
In most cases, the test job should not use ‘quiet’ as this hides important debugging information from the kernel boot process.

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