UEFTW – UEFI Toys: ShellOpt/ShellExpand/DBounce/KernextPatcher/AcpiPatcher (binary-only, no source)

UEFTW – UEFI Toys: ShellOpt/ShellExpand/DBounce/KernextPatcher/AcpiPatcher (binary-only, no source)

Some of UEFI Toys by me. Taken from my early forked of Clover and ‘others’ below. No sources available yet, just binary (EAT that!).

ShellOpt:  Port of GNUEFI Finnbarr P. Murphy ShellOpt (>>>) to EDK2, to set / delete various Shell options.

ShellExpand: To eliminate known Shell bugs edit command by translating TABS to SPACES with custom size.

DBounce: An UEFI driver to load all required drivers first before finally calling a chainloader. Originally introduced by Christoph Pfisterer (rEFIts author). The original source can be found here. Later I port this module to work with EDK2 with following changes (compared to original):

KernextPatcher: KernextPatcher (stand for Kernel & Kext Patcher) is an Darwin kernel & extensions patcher UEFI driver based on Clover Memfix by dmazar. This driver try to hook ExitBootServices event and patching kernelcache including kernel it self and kexts.

AcpiPatcher: AcpiPatcher is an Darwin ACPI patcher UEFI driver. Yes, its a MEGA stripped version compare to original one. At least, we can now get rid from some of complexity to load custom ACPI tables with some fixes. This driver try to hook ExitBootServices event and patching ACPI as below.


Careful, these are closed-source binaries. Freeware is hard to trust, these decades… I have not tried them.

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