ShmooCon2018 videos uploaded

0wn The Con
A Social Science Approach To Cybersecurity Education
AFL-Unicorn Fuzzing The Unfuzzable
AWS Honey Tokens With SPACECRAB
Better Git Hacking
Blink For Your Password, Blink Away Your Civil Rights
Building Absurd Christmas Light Shows
Catch Me If You Can
CITL Quantitative, Comparable Software Risk Reporting
Closing Remarks
Cyberlaw Year In Review
Deep Learning For Realtime Malware Detection
Defending Against Robot Attacks
Don’t Ignore GDPR It Matters Now
Electronic Voting In 2018 Threat Or Menace
Embedded Device Vulnerability Analysis Case Study Using Trommel
Friday Night Fire Talks – 1
Friday Night Fire Talks – 2
Getting Cozy With OpenBSM Auditing On MacOS
Hacking The News An Infosec Guide To The Media, And How To Talk To Them
IoT RCE, A Study With Disney (audio missing till 3rd minute)
Listing The 1337
Ok Google, Tell Me About Myself (part)
Opening Closed Systems With Glitchkit
Opening Remarks, Rumblings, Ruminations, And Rants
Profiling And Detecting All Things SSL With JA3
Pseudo-doppler Redux
Radare2 In Conversation
Running A Marathon Without Breaking A Sweat
Securing Bare Metal Hardware At Scale
SIGINT On A Budget
Skill Building By Revisiting Past CVEs
Someone Is Lying To You On The Internet
Tap, Tap, Is This Thing On Testing Edr Capabilities
The Friedman Tombstone
This Is Not Your Grandfather’s SIEM
Time Signature Based Matching … In Cyber Relevant Logs
When CAN Cant


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