ShowSLIC.efi: Access ACPI-based Windows SLIC License Key

FPMurphy has a new blog post with source to a new tool, and mentions plans for 3-4 new tools/year!

Those who follow my work in the UEFI Shell space are aware that I usually develop a number of new, and hopefully useful, UEFI shell utilities each year. This year, I plan to write three or four new utilities and enhance a number of existing utilities. This is the first of these new utilities. In this post, I describe the ShowSLIC utility. It is the first of my new utilities and came about from license and booting issues caused by a disk failure on a friend’s laptop that was running Windows 7. ShowSLIC is designed to enable you to retrieve SLIC (System License Internal Certificate) information from a UEFI-based Microsoft Windows PC or laptop. Such information is accessible (exposed) via the ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) SLIP table.[…]

Looks like you have to scrape the source from the HTML blog post, not included in latest UEFI-Utilities, AFAICT:

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