Redfish-JSON-C-Struct-Converter: Convert Redfish JSON resource to C structure and vice versa

[…]Redfish-JSON-C-Struct-Converter is a C client library which used to convert Redfish resource in JSON text format to C structure and vice versa. The functions in Redfish-JSON-C-Struct-Converter library provides the C language friendly structure which can be easily utilized in C programs. Bindings also provided on top of C source/header files for different computer languages and build environments, such as UEFI EDK2 environment or akin to the bindings for Java and Python in libredfish library. Each C file is a converter for the specific version of Redfish schema released by SPFM. For example, ServiceRoot.v1_2_0.c under /ServiceRoot/ServiceRoot.v1_2_0 provides functions to convert ServiceRoot.v1_2_0.ServiceRoot property to predefined RedfishServiceRootV1_2_0_CS C structure. It also provides functions to convert RedfishServiceRootV1_2_0_CS C structure to JSON text file. All C files under /src are built into a single library. Other programs which built with Redfish-JSON-C-Struct-Converter library must links with this library and invokes the conversion functions as it needs.[…]


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