ARM to add PSA to Trusted Firmware-M (and new threat model docs available)

ARM has new threat model docs available for their PSA, and have announced that they’ll be releasing ARM Trusted Firmware with PSA support at the end of the month, you can give them your email address to be notified when it is released.

[…]we announced a major program to improve IoT security, called Platform Security Architecture (PSA). PSA is a common framework aiming to provide a holistic approach to IoT security.[…]Now available! Open Source Trusted Firmware-M. Arm wants to make security simpler and more cost effective, by making high quality reference code and documents accessible – as security becomes more complex, all developers need access to these resources. We have released the first open source reference implementation firmware that conforms to the PSA specification, Trusted Firmware-M, at the end of March 2018.[…] Download now: Threat Models and Security Analyses documentation: The TMSA is a starting point for assessing the security risk facing a selection of connected devices. From this research, the right level of security can be determined, and then functional requirements established to mitigate the threats.


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